Based in New York City,
Staff UI Designer, Design Systems at HoneyBook.

Disclaimer: This portfolio and its content was designed around 2015-16,
so keep that in mind when you scroll through 😬

Simplicity and details are the foundations of my everyday workflow, and I do strongly believe that great design is the perfect balance between space, geometry and typography.

Astronomy app concept


I love user interfaces. Whether it’s a mobile app, a Web product, a TV or a wearable screen, I always aim to find the perfect user experience combined with a clean and beautiful user interface.

Travel app concept


After years of working with Sketch, I’ve naturally fallen in love with Figma and it is now my everyday companion. I have also experience with Photoshop and Illustrator.

When it comes to interactive prototyping, I work with Principle.

I am also very passionate about video and music composing, so I often play with Final Cut, Motion and Logic on personal projects.

Trekking app concept

Vinyl records collection concept

console.log(“A touch of code”);

Even though I'm focused on UI & UX design, during the years I’ve been working on several projects as web developer.

I love code — I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I also casually try myself and have fun on personal projects with Meteor or PHP/MySQL.

Keeping a foot in web code indeed helps me to be a better designer and more aware when I interact with developers.


In 2009 I graduated in Multimedia Design at Istituto Design Palladio in Verona, my hometown. The main cores of this 3-year course were graphic design, web design and web development.



After graduating, I co-founded a creative collective with three classmates and worked with them as web designer and developer for two years.

I then started my freelance career focused on UI & UX design in January 2012, and for 4 years I worked with clients from all over the world especially on iPhone and iPad apps, some of which have been featured on the App Store.

In October 2015 I did the big jump and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for Watchup as Lead Designer.

In September 2016, I joined HoneyBook as Mobile UI Designer, and I'm now Staff Product Designer, working on Design System & Design Ops.

Featured on the App Store




I love simplicity, and I always try to appreciate the little things in life.

During my free time I compose music, both acoustic and electronic, and I enjoy taking photos and videos for personal projects.

Nature, wildlife and eastern culture have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to visit some of the most meaninfgul places on Earth during my life.

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