Based in New York City,
Staff UI Designer, Design Systems at HoneyBook.

Disclaimer: This portfolio is from 2016, so keep that in mind when you look at these designs 😬

Simplicity and details are the foundations of my everyday workflow, and I do strongly believe that great design is the perfect balance between space, geometry and typography.

Astronomy app concept


I love user interfaces. Whether it’s a mobile app, a Web product, a TV or a wearable screen, I always aim to find the perfect user experience combined with a clean and beautiful user interface.

Travel app concept


After years of working with Sketch, I’ve naturally fallen in love with Figma and it is now my everyday companion. I have also experience with Photoshop and Illustrator.

When it comes to interactive prototyping, I work with Principle.

I am also very passionate about video and music composing, so I often play with Final Cut, Motion and Logic on personal projects.

Trekking app concept

Vinyl records collection concept

console.log(“A touch of code”);

Even though I'm focused on UI & UX design, during the years I’ve been working on several projects as web developer.

I love code — I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I also casually try myself and have fun on personal projects with Meteor or PHP/MySQL.

Keeping a foot in web code indeed helps me to be a better designer and more aware when I interact with developers.


In 2009 I graduated in Multimedia Design at Istituto Design Palladio in Verona, my hometown. The main cores of this 3-year course were graphic design, web design and web development.



After graduating, I co-founded a creative collective with three classmates and worked with them as web designer and developer for two years.

I then started my freelance career focused on UI & UX design in January 2012, and for 4 years I worked with clients from all over the world especially on iPhone and iPad apps, some of which have been featured on the App Store.

In October 2015 I did the big jump and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for Watchup as Lead Designer.

In September 2016, I joined HoneyBook as Mobile UI Designer, and I'm now Senior UI Designer and working on the Design System of the company.

Featured on the App Store




I love simplicity, and I always try to appreciate the little things in life.

During my free time I compose music, both acoustic and electronic, and I enjoy taking photos and videos for personal projects.

Nature, wildlife and eastern culture have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to visit some of the most meaninfgul places on Earth during my life.

Get in touch

If you want to say hi or just to connect with me, drop me a line or visit my LinkedIn profile. You can also find me on Dribbble and Twitter, where I usually tweet about design and tech.

I also keep a photographic journal.